Each year at Playful Promises, we aim to become a greener, more sustainable brand.

We have an ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the planet, from the way we manufacture to the way we package and ship our treats to you.


We turn bottles into bikinis

Where possible, we use sustainable materials such as Repreve. Repreve is polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The plastic is turned into chips, which then is spun to make polyester. As of 2021, Repreve have recycled 24 billion plastic bottles! The result is durable, high quality fabric that stands the test of time. Using Repreve also limits the emission of greenhouse gases and also conserves water and energy during it’s process.


We save water

We limit our water usage by using digital printing methods on our exclusively designed in-house prints. Digital printing can save billions of litres of water each year! Traditional rotary screen printing can use 40-60 litres of water per metre. Water is also not needed for fixing digitally printed garments - they are fixed simply with heat.

What Else We Do To
Ensure Change

Our Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging may be playful but it's also green! We have used recycled materials where possible for our shipping bags and gift boxes and hope you will recycle or re-use them too. Our polybags (the bags each lingerie piece comes in) are made from plants and are 100% biodegradable!

Facts On Factories

We carry out factory audits to make sure our factories have good working conditions and that our workers are happy. We audit against the ETI base code with is an internationally recognised standard. We also carry out extensive chemical testing to ensure no nasties are being used in the textile production or dye process to protect both you and the planet from unnecessary toxins!


All of us at some stage have been guilty of letting clothes go to waste.

Whether it’s never been worn or worn to death, there’s plenty of options to get the most out of your clothing or throw it away ethically. Just chucking it in the bin won’t cut it, as millions of clothing articles end up in landfill and creates a strain on our environment. So, what can be done?

Take it to a charity shop

This is best for clothing in a rewearable condition. You can donate your clothes to a charity shop and help generate money for a good cause

Bring it to the high street

Several high street stores offer incentives if you recycle clothes in-store. For example, H&M will give you a £5 voucher as a thank you

Resell it

You can easily snap a picture of your unwanted item and upload it to Depop, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace to make a little money! This way, your clothes get to be loved again


Swishing is when you throw a clothes-swapping party. Invite your friends over for a few drinks, asking them to bring over some unwanted clothing.