She-Wolf Spotlight: Phoebe Williams

She-Wolf Spotlight: Phoebe Williams

Hear Her Roar: Q&A with Phoebe Williams

phoebe williams gymnast in red lingerie

With the launch of our latest Wolf & Whistle campaign featuring our poster-girl and she-wolf Phoebe Williams, we wanted to centre feminine empowerment, sensuality and badass attitude.

Phoebe is a GBR Gymnast and model, and she shows you can be strong, smart AND sexy AF. We chatted to her about what it means to be a She-Wolf and how she celebrates herself and feminine empowerment.

What does it mean for you to be a “She-Wolf”?

I’m honestly so honoured to be a Wolf & Whistle woman, it’s empowering to work amongst beautiful, powerful, talented and strong women who work hard and achieve anything they want!  

What are your favourite qualities about yourself?

My favourite quality about myself is probably being positive…I try and put 100% into everything that I do and enjoy and would like to think I live life to the fullest. I’m a gymnast so staying positive is a key part in the sport, and when you're positive you're happy!   

How do you feel empowered on a daily basis?

Wearing Wolf & Whistle makes you feel empowered on a daily basis! From a comfy everyday set to a sexy lace number…no matter what size, shape, colour you are….power dressing in Wolf & Whistle will always give you confidence!

What’s your favourite set from the collection?

My favourite set from the collection is the Eva Dark Cherry Graphic Embroidery! The colour is absolutely beautiful, such a show stopper and honestly the comfiest set you could run a marathon in it and still look sexy!

Check out Phoebe here and view the Wolf & Whistle collection here 

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