Q&A with Juliette Foxx

Q&A with Juliette Foxx

Lingerie. But make it Fashion.

Discover our top picks from Instagram fashion queen Juliette Foxx, aka Romeosfashionfix. Everything Sassy, Bold and Sexy, Juliette rocks these lingerie looks and you can too by shopping Juliette's Edit here

We chatted to the queen of style herself for a quick-fire round of Q&A to find out more about her top picks, style, and life advice.

“Every week is fashion week” – Romeosfashionfix


What is it about lingerie you enjoy?


Whether it's seen or not. There's something about putting on great lingerie that instantly gives you a confidence boost and I love that. Great lingerie for me is the foundation of a great outfit, and if someone else gets to enjoy the view, well then that's just fabulous!




If you could pick one piece from your edit, which one would you choose and why?


This is like asking me to pick my favourite child! Haha I adore the lime green pieces. I think they compliment my skin perfectly, and the style would be flattering on anyone! to me, that's what makes a winner.




What’s your favourite trend now, and what’s your take on it?


I'm not big on trends but I'm enjoying the 70s psychedelic print revival. I'm a colour girl at heart so seeing so many people in funky prints and colours makes me happy 




How does styling and fashion impact your mental health?


Hugely. Looking good, whether we like to admit it or not is linked to feeling good. When you see yourself in a great outfit that represents you, flatters you and makes you feel confident; you walk a little taller, head held a little higher and that confidence seeps into every aspect of your day/life so for me fashion is very therapeutic. it's more than just clothes. It's about the power they hold. It's magic




What’s one piece of advice you live by?


Ah there are a few. My parents are always hitting me with gems but one of my favourites from my mum which I repeat a lot is "other people's opinions of you are none of your business. So mind your business"