Playful Muse: Threnodyinvelvet

Playful Muse: Threnodyinvelvet

Threnodyinvelvet is a model, makeup artist, photographer and photoshop wizard, originating from Spain.  She is known for her lingerie and corsetry work, and is motivated by the way a piece can decorate and enhance your body and self-confidence. Her timeless, sophisticated, dark, sexy, & most importantly chameleonic style, is the ultimate lingerie inspiration. Shop her edit here. 

"Style, fashion, and makeup are all a form of self expression, without it, we are only just a shell. It’s our style and character that makes us, us."  - Threnody in Velvet


We spoke to Threnodyinvelvet about her relationship with lingerie and age representation in lingerie brands.

What do you enjoy most about lingerie?

I love the intricacy and luxury that can be achieved in such a small garment, the way it decorates and enhances the body and the self confidence it can make you feel, specially when you find those favourite pieces that suit your shape perfectly. As someone who enjoys both sexy and practical lingerie, there is a place in my heart for both. I particularly love pieces that can be incorporated with outerwear as sometimes it’s too beautiful to keep it all hidden, and can really compliment some necklines.

If you could describe your style in 3 words what would they be?

I would say sophisticated, dark & sexy. I think 3 words aren’t enough, I would like to also add timeless, and chameleonic, as life would be far too boring if I was looking the same everyday, and style, fashion, and makeup are all a form of self expression, without it, we are only just a shell. It’s our style and character that makes us, us.

If you could pick one piece from your edit, which one would you choose and why?

It would probably be the Anaise set, I love the mixture of pale nude (as suits my deadly pale skin tone!) with beautiful black lace and satin. I have to also add as bonus I really loved the bettie black latex mini beret and I can see myself wearing this often too!

How do you deal with the societal pressure to look a certain way?

I take pride in taking care of myself as much as I can, and trying to look how I feel. Even though I turned 40 a few weeks ago, that hasn’t changed or defined who I am as a person, in my mind, I haven’t quite grown up yet! in my outer layer, I been lucky that staying away from the sun and having a good diet has meant I don’t look what my age is “expected” to look yet. However there has been so much pressure by the media over many many years making women feel on the downhill when they turn 30, and I have to say, my 30’s were far superior to my 20’s in every possible way. Who knows what 40 will bring, there has been a fair amount of anxiety on what I would do when I reach this age and I should just feel lucky I got this far, but I don’t think it’s yet the end of me or my career as model. When I decide I had enough of being in front of the lens I still have my photography and other skills. We just have to do the best with what we got, and stop worrying too much about the what if’s and just get on with it.

What are your thoughts on representation of 40+ women in the lingerie world?

I don’t think there is any particular representation of 40 year old women in the lingerie world, and if there is, it is not known. I personally think 40 isn’t old, but it’s not 20-something, and if a brand is going to represent ages they seem to go from either teen, to 20-something to mature which generally is much older, not a lot of in between, other than perhaps Dita von teese who is still doing fabulously in her late 40’s.

How do you want the lingerie world to develop in the next 5 years?

I think the lingerie world has come a really long way. Specially in the U.K., coming from spain, you could only find B and C cups when I lived there (18 years ago, I can’t say other than really well known commercial brands that is much different over there) you can get such precise bra fitting here for such a large array of body types and sizes. I would like to see more lingerie that can be adapted as or with outerwear that has a little bit more structure, and I would like to find also the same versatility of sizes in comfortable everyday lingerie like bralettes/sports bras etc where you can mostly just get S/M/L sizing.
As someone with a very tiny ribcage and a large cup is harder to find good fitting in those styles. When it comes to representation, I would definitely like to see more variety of body size types represented in general, as well as different skin tones and more nude lingerie styles that suit a variety of them. There’s already a handful of brands that cater this but they are generally quite basic.

Do you feel that what you look for in lingerie has changed at all over the years?

I think as we evolve we look for things that flatter our shape, and our bodies do change here and there over the years. And during different times in our lives, during the pandemic you wouldn’t see me wear any lingerie with wires or cups, comfort was key! but also comfortable lingerie that looks nice as well, I have a particular cut I like these days that I find most flattering on my hourglass shape (if you are curious, is high waisted high leg pants that I love!). Now the world has opened more, I look for bras with interesting features that might stand out mixed with outerwear and the right accessories to complete an outfit.

What’s one piece of advice you live by?

If you make your hobby your job, you will work everyday of your life! Nothing ever comes easy and growing takes hard work, but also do find a balance because we are a limited time in this world and there’s so many things to experience outside of working. This is also advice for myself.

Thank you so much for this feature as it’s an honour for me to work with one of my top favourite lingerie brands I wear daily!