Playful Muse: Curvy Campbell

Curvycampbell curve influencer

Olivia Campbell AKA @curvycampbell is a gorgeous plus-size model, mother and popular curve influencer from the UK with energy unmatched. Olivia's positivity and self-love are infectious and only enhanced by the lingerie featured in our Playful muse edit. The Curvy Campbell edit includes exclusive plus size styles that will have you embracing your curves.

"I have always wanted to inspire people to love themselves and now I have this incredible platform with which to do so."

- Olivia Campbell 


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We love how you help people find self-love through the positive energy and self-love that you have for yourself. What motivated you to start working as a plus-size influencer?

I became a part of the plus size community as a plus size model many years ago and decided to move into the influencer side of things after using my Instagram to build a safe space of encouragement for my fellow plus size babes. I have always wanted to inspire people to love themselves and now I have this incredible platform with which to do so.

We are sure that you have had many obstacles in your self-love journey. It can be a hard process for a lot of people to get to the positive place you are at at, do you have any advice on how to get there?

I think almost everyone has had obstacles in their self love journey because it’s really easy to not love yourself in a world that idolises false perfection because media created the narrative of what that perfection is. Years of only being fed airbrushed images of slender white women as the pinnacle beauty and never seeing anyone that looks like yourself. The road to self love is different for everybody! One of the things that I always tell people is to start by changing the way you talk to and about yourself, no negative horrible words, if you wouldn’t say it to/about a friend or family member don’t say it about yourself. Cleanse all your social media of accounts that make you feel bad about yourself whether that be comparing yourself to others or just feeling jealous or less than. Start daily affirmations in the mirror it can feel silly at first but eventually you will start to believe the good things just like you beloved the bad things you used to tell yourself!

When did you realise you had such a positive impact on a lot of women?

Almost instantly because representation is key and that’s what had been missing at the time I joined Instagram. For plus size woman my page and others like mine are a safe space of inspiration and encouragement. Seeing fellow fat babes be unapologetically sexy and authentic and stick two fingers up to convention and expectations is instantly impactful. I feel so honoured to have a space to do that.

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You mentioned that you have a particular passion for swimwear and lingerie. We would love to know more about where your interest in this came from.

How does lingerie motivate and inspire you?

I think my passion for swimwear and lingerie came from the fact that society encourages fat women to cover up and hide under layers of dark clothing in shame and a* I don’t like being told what to do and b* I am not at all ashamed of my fat body. Lingerie inspires me to feel confident, powerful and sexy. It allows me to take up space and be visible in an industry that tried to overlook plus size bodies for years. Also I feel it’s important for fat women to be viewed as sexy without feeling fetishised.

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You are inspiring to so many, but we would love to know who are your biggest role models.
What and who inspires you?

I don’t really have role models because I get inspiration from so many people! My mother, my son, my friends, my fellow influencers, anyone who is truly authentic! I find honesty and vulnerability to be highly inspirational and am blessed to meet so many incredible people that are taking life by the horns and doing what they want to in a world that told them they couldn’t or shouldn’t and I am constantly inspired and in awe of how amazing people are! 

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