3 in 5 Brits have spiced up their sex life during lockdown. We’ve pulled back the covers on what they’ve been up to!

3 in 5 Brits have spiced up their sex life during lockdown. We’ve pulled back the covers on what they’ve been up to!

With people spending more time at home, have Brits been naughty or nice? We reveal the bedroom activities people have been exploring — take a peek!

With 2020 seeing an increased trend in searches for ‘sexy lingerie’ and an uplift in purchases for ouvert ‘crotchless’ pants, it’s apparent that couples have been spicing up their sex lives this past year.

We decided to ask our loyal Insta followers to reveal all! We wanted to find out exactly how many people explored their sexual urges during lockdown, and what exactly they’ve been experimenting with.



Couples are using lockdown to get adventurous with their sex lives

3 in 5 Brits say they’ve spiced up their sex life during lockdown. Favourite activities include experimenting with bedroom toys and accessories with 80% of the vote, and 76% agreeing they love to talk dirty with their partner.  

2 in 5 Brits say they’re exploring sexual activities from afar and adapting to lockdown life by getting frisky over Zoom calls. 

Contrary to the stereotype that Brits are prudes, it’s actually no surprise we’re using the spare time for sexual exploration: three-quarters of Brits say they prefer some naughtiness in the bedroom.

And while they’re happy to be cheeky, partake in role-play and talk dirty, the vast majority say they prefer to let their partner take control. 79% say they consider themselves more submissive than dominant and use their paddle for being spanked rather than spanking their partner. 

So many couples experimenting with role play, toys, talking dirty and Zoom sex just goes to show that just because we can’t adventure outside doesn’t mean we can’t be adventurous inside!


What does this mean for our lockdown lingerie?


We asked our poll participants what their lingerie of choice was now that they’re using the extra time to experiment in the bedroom.

Turns out they’re split 50–50 when it comes to crotchless panties and open harness bras. (We agree — a difficult choice!)

When asked about their lingerie of choice for getting down to business, rather than anything fancy the go-to is a classic bra and undies set (although 1 in 3 say they add their suspenders).


Will the sexual exploration end when lockdown does?


The time at home has clearly been an excuse for many to experiment in their sex life, explore their kinks and get closer with their partner — either in person or over video. 

Will the end of lockdown see the passion fizzle? 

Our data suggests that’s unlikely: exhibitionist Brits are keen to get back out in the open! When lockdown ends, our respondents say they’re down to hit the sex clubs or have sex in public. Time to whip out the crotchless/ouvert panties!


Has this article made you blush?

‘With couples sequestered away at home, they’re using that time in the bedroom. And with this extra time comes the opportunity to explore kinks and desires that they might have been too busy for previously. We’re seeing that reflected in the increased interest in items like ouvert panties. While no one wants the pandemic to endure longer than it has to, it’s a silver lining to think that people are using the opportunity to focus on their relationship and nurture self-love through improving their sex lives, understanding and exploring different kinks, and bringing themselves greater sexual enjoyment.’

—    Emma Parker, Founder of Playful Promises 

So, don’t worry — there’s no need to blush!

As our sex life poll has shown, there’s something for everyone, and now is a great time to get frisky and explore what feels good for you.  Whatever your kink, there are hundreds of ways to spice up your sex life so that you feel sensual, powerful, and satisfied beneath the bedsheets. So light some candles and feel empowered in your favourite lingerie, get out your new toy or have fun role-playing with a naughty accessory. Have fun! 😉