Playful Stocking Guide

Playful Stocking Guide

Your Guide to Stockings

Stockings are the perfect way to complete any outfit or lingerie ensemble, but for hosiery newbies they can be quite a mindfield! The options are endless, but never fear as Playful is here to help...

The anatomy of a stocking


The welt is the thick part at the thigh of the stocking which you attach suspender clips to. It's double-thickness to avoid wear and tear. Some stockings have wider or narrower welts depending on the style.

The seam runs up the back of the leg to the welt. This is decorative except for on fully fashioned stockings where the seam is an integral part of the design! 

The heel is the thicker design at the heel of the foot, often running on the sole and toes also. This is so the heel and toe is reinforced and less likely to tear. 



Hold-ups, stay-ups, stockings, tights - what's the difference?

Hold-ups and stay-ups are an interchangable term for stockings that "stay up" with the help of a nifty piece of silicone on the welt of the stocking. The silicone grips the leg and stays there so there's no need for a suspender belt.

However, we recommend wearing hold-ups primarily in the boudoir rather than everyday hoisery, as during wear they can slip down!

Hot tip - don't wear talc or moisturiser on your legs when wearing hold-ups, as it will give the silicone less grip! If they lose their stickiness, you can use body tape. When storing, make sure the tops are closed so they stay clean and free of any residue that might impact the stickiness.

Stockings don't have this silicone strip and need to be held up with a suspender belt. Tights go up to the waist.

How should I take care of my stockings?

1. Don't just pull them on! Scrunch them up and pull up slowly making sure not to poke a hole in them if you have long nails. Also not wearing jewellery while handling them will help to not snag them. This goes for taking them off too.

2. Wash in a delicates bag if you wash your stockings in a washing machine. Hand wash is always better, but not everybody has time for that! Make sure you don't put anything in the same wash that could catch on the stockings and cause a run.

3. When storing, fold them neatly. While keeping them together by tying them or doing the "sock-roll", it will stretch them out more quickly. Fold them together and don't store with lingerie such as bras, as the hooks could catch on them and rip.

How do I put on seamed stockings?

The best way to put on seamed stockings is to:

1. Put your hand through to the foot of the stocking, making sure the reinforced sole is flat to your palm - this will make it easier to get your foot in the right spot.

2. Roll down the stocking to your wrist, making sure the seam doesn't get twisted on the way.

3. Using both your hands to open the stocking, put your foot inside and slowly pull up. While you do this, use your fingers to feel for the back seam, making sure it's going in a straight line as you pull on your stockings.

4. Once they're pulled up, use a mirror to check they are straight. If they are slightly wonky, carefully pull them back down and pull back up again to adjust. You can gently pull them around if they only need a slight adjustment.

5. Attach your suspender belt if you're wearing it! It should be fastened to the welt to ensure it doesn't damage the stocking. We recommend attaching it about an inch from the top.


How do I choose the right size?

Most stockings are sized in dress sizes, so pick what you would normally buy for a fitted dress or trousers.

However, if you are tall, you may want to size up to make sure you don't end up with the stockings halfway up your leg!


Now that you're clued up on stockings - treat your legs!


Now for the last question... what stockings to wear? And that's up to you! We have shades of nude, black, bright colours and patterned styles - so express yourself!