How To Wear Suspenders (the ultimate guide!)

How To Wear Suspenders (the ultimate guide!)
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Suspenders are the classic lingerie item for next-level sex appeal and confidence. 

But to the suspender novice, the idea of putting on a suspender belt and stockings set can be confusing. What clips where? Which part do you put on first?

As suspender enthusiasts, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you learn how to wear suspenders with ease, comfort and confidence!

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What are suspenders?

Worn either at your waist or hips, suspenders (also known as garter belts in the US) include a belt and stockings. The belt is a strip of elasticated material with four (sometimes six, eight, or even more!) straps attached to each side which clip onto the stocking tops to hold them in place.

What size suspender belt do I need?

The size of your suspender belt and stocking will be your normal clothing size, or roughly:

·       Small Size (UK size 8–10)

·       Medium Size (UK size 12–14)

·       Large Size (UK size 16–18)

·       Extra Large Size (UK size 20–22)

·       XX-Large Size (UK size 24–26)

·       XXX-Large Size (UK size 26–28)


How to wear a suspender belt and stockings 

1.      Put the suspender belt on first.

2.      Put on the stockings.

3.      Clip the front of the suspenders on first. To attach the suspenders, slide the rubber nub on the clasp so that it comes out of the hole. Align the nub with where you want it to attach on the stockings, then place the hole on the other side of the stockings (the part closest to your skin). Slide the nub back into the hold to secure it.

4.      Now stretch the clasp on the back of the belt down and repeat the process to attach the clasp to the back of the stockings.


If you’re struggling with how to attach suspenders to stockings and can’t get the rear to fasten, you can always try connecting the suspenders to the stockings first then putting them on like tights.

Once everything is on, adjust the length of the suspender straps so that they are snug and secure, but not too tight. You want to be comfortable and still be able to sit and stand (test it out to make sure!)



Now that you know your size and have learnt how to put on suspenders, it’s time to try different styles!

There’s a suspender out there for every body shape, style and preference!

Whether you’re looking for elegant lacy details, sumptuous satin or fierce animal print, suspenders help you feel seductive, sensual and empowered.

You can even delve into a waspie or a basque bodysuit suspender set to channel sexy confidence while showing less skin — whatever makes you most comfortable!

And now that you’re a suspender pro why not adventure towards a 6-strap suspender set? The more straps, the better, right?



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