What to wear to a Kink Party

Kink Party Outfit Ideas
Whether you’re not sure what to wear to your first kink party or you just need some new Ideas, we’ve got you covered, from mesh to shine or cuffs to crops we’ve got it all.

Kink Party: What to wear?

kink party outfit ideas black body

First Things First...

Before attending a BDSM event, you should pay attention to the dress code and theme, some places will have broad rules, allowing you to wear PVC, leather, fur, etc. Other events might be a bit more specific with their themes.
So, if you’re debating what to wear, the easiest answer is: An outfit you feel comfortable in! Some Kinksters will give a lot of focus on their attire during a party, whilst others will opt for some nice lingerie or perhaps nudity.
 What is considered fetish wear? Leather, lace, and latex are the standard choices for fetish wear, but Kinksters have the freedom to make their own choices in how they express themselves through clothing.

Keeping It Casual

 If you’re looking for something more casual and comfortable look no further than our Hustler range, from sizes UK 8 – 26 if you’re looking for a small bra or for a fuller bust, there’s something for you here. Starting with some simple PVC bodysuits, dresses, and lingerie, these seductive sets can fulfill your S&M fantasies. Our Dolly Mesh body is keeping it casual with some belt joining suspender straps and leg harness details or the Sloan body is perfect if you want to be a bit more open with your cups!
Black PVC dress fuller bust

 Feeling Frisky

Are you stuck in-between casual or kinky? Our Thistle and Spire Phoenix sets may be perfect for you. Rise from those ashes in this uniwire high neck bra, if you’re feeling a little friskier our cut out asymmetrical body or the ouvert high neck garter might be just your style, all finished with a silky seamless mesh.
 Black mesh body ouvert

Straps and Suspenders  

Straps and suspenders may be just the right amount of kink for you, from PVC lace trims, mesh multi strap cut outs or fishnet suspenders. We’ve got them all take a look at our Erotic Lingerie page to find your perfect pairing. 
 Black Strappy Lingerie Set

Finishing Touches 

If you feel like you’ve got the perfect outfit but just need those finishing touches, we’ve got hosiery for every occasion, from sensual thigh high fishnet stockings and patterned tights to sweet stockings with bows!
 Hosiery Nude Stockings
Any good outfit isn’t complete without some accessories, and in this case they should be kinky. Whether you’re wanting some latex or sheer to spice up your outfit, you’ve come to the right place, and it doesn’t stop just there we have the raunchiest range of harnesses, tantalising tassels, glamorous gloves and a lot more for you to complete the look with these fun and naughty additions.
Accessories Latex, Harnesses and Chains

Last But Not Least

Most BDSM parties are BYOT events (bring your own toys), we’ve got everything else and we won’t leave you hanging here! A collection of perfect products to spark some fun and satisfy your desires. The Gaia products are ideal for our eco conscious customers looking for some pocket-sized pleasure, or if you’re looking for something a bit more deluxe our soft Paris collection will have just the right vibrations for you. Our bijoux bondage sets could be perfect for your BDSM nights so get ready to raise some pulses and get your freak on…
 Erotic Sex Toys