Unlock Your Imagination: The Beginner's Guide to Roleplay

Unlock Your Imagination: The Beginner's Guide to Roleplay

Unlock Your Imagination: The Beginner's Guide to Roleplay


What is roleplaying?

Roleplaying is when you take on the role of a character and perform actions and dialogue on behalf of that character rather than behaving as yourself. This kink is defined by taking on different personas before and during sex. Roleplay may give you a confidence you wouldn’t usually have when portraying yourself and you may experience intensified pleasure from doing so.

Step 1


Talk about it extensively with your partner. Ask them for consent and then move on to how you want to approach the scene. Talk about your fantasies and which ones you want to act out.
Perhaps ask your partner if they have any fantasies they return to often. Gauge the nature of their particular role play ideals. Then see if there’s a way you can integrate both to ensure everyone feels considered.

 Step 2

Set Boundaries:

Everybody has limits, some are willing to approach these boundaries while others may be adamant there are lines they would not cross. If there is a particular scene you or your sexual partner may be uncomfortable with the talk about it! For example one partner might want some form of physical violence during roleplay, the other partner might not be up for it. Boundaries are there to be respected so set these out before going forward to ensure an enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Step 3

Set your fantasy:

Don’t hesitate to talk about the wildest, weirdest fantasy you have. List out your fantasies, and ask your partner to share theirs. Then, you can sit and choose one.
Here’s a few classic but effective roleplay scenarios:
 Boss and employee- It’s all about the power dynamics and the taboo associated with having a relationship with someone in a position of power. Authority is sexy for some people so you can work out who is the dom and who is the submissive in this context. Sex on the desk, throwing paperwork off in a fit of passion get as creative as you like!
Teacher and student- Someone can pretend to be a naughty student caught cheating by a head teacher. Punishment can be a spanking over the knee and having to apologise in the form of “servicing” the head teacher.  
Massage therapist- Incorporate massage oils/ candles to set the mood. An erotic massage won’t just turn you on, but it will also guarantee a happy ending. Start with the arms and back before working your way down hitting all the sweet spots on the body.

Step 4

Make it light hearted:

The entire thing might seem silly, especially if you are a beginner at roleplaying. But, don’t let that stop you and definitely don’t be afraid to laugh. Even if you are stumbling your way through recreating a fantasy, while giggling non-stop, that’s perfectly alright.