Playful & Proud

Playful & Proud

Playful Promises x London Pride

To celebrate London Pride - one of the most diverse and inclusive Prides in the UK - we put together a fierce campaign of images, putting the spotlight on LGBTQIA+ people who inspire us. Meet non-binary-finery dancer Jake Dupree and amazing designer and activist Dani St James - and learn why we chose them for our Pride campaign this year.



Meet Jake

Jake DuPree - who you may recognise as the person who broke the internet on our Instagram last year after looking incredible in our Regalia lingerie - is a non-binary burlesque dancer and fitness instructor, currently performing in London.  

 Since seeing Jake in our lingerie, it was a goal of ours to work together which was finally made a reality, specially for Pride season.


Jake wears the Bettie Page Lingerie Mesh Corset, Satin Gloves, & Regalia Harness 


 Jake wears the Hustler x Playful Promises Maxine Bodysuit, Bettie Page Lingerie Satin Gloves, & Regalia Harness 



 Meet Dani


Dani is the founder of Not a Phase, an organisation that supports and advocates for the rights of trans+ adults in the UK. She also recently founded and is working on a line of her own underwear, made specifically for trans bodies, centering their comfort with simple, effortless designs.

We previously worked with Dani on our Valentine's Self Love campaign.


Dani wears the Hustler x Playful Promises Maxine bra, Regalia harness, and Bettie Page Lingerie Latex Suspender



 Dani wears the Kilo Brava Red Dress, and Bettie Page Lingerie satin gloves.



Don't forget, with every order you make you can choose for us to donate £1 to an LGBTQIA+ charity. Simply wait for the pop-up on the order confirmation page and select your charity.


Happy Playful Pride!