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About Us

Playful Promises is a London designed lingerie brand, which mixes quirky, directional design with all things playful, flirty and even a little bit dirty.

We are here for sassy, stylish ladies, who love to shout ‘I did it my way’ along to Sinatra, followed by the Sex Pistols. The Playful Promise girl is crammed with confidence, will never take herself too seriously and lives life to the full.

First fashioned by Emma Parker in 2004, Playful Promises is the dream dress-up boudoir. Ten years prior, Emma’s obsession with lingerie was formed after buying her first pair of ‘grown-up’ knickers. This gloriously tiny, lacy g-string with a tulle skirted frill edged in velvet ribbon cost £25 (which was a fortune in the 90s to an 18 year old girl). Of course, she couldn’t afford the matching bra and had to sacrifice going out that weekend but when she put on that g-string finery it was quite unlike any knickers she had worn before. The realization dawned that she could conquer the whole world in pants like those!

Soon her drawers were overflowing with lacy, frilly, fabulous pieces, fuelling Emma’s addiction to lingerie and the lust that drove her to design her own.

Playful Promises collections not only consist of corsets, bras and panties but also quirky gifts and eye-catching swimwear.

There are eight of us in the Playful head office who make sure our luscious panties make it to you: 



Designer and the glue that binds Playful Promises together.

Style: Excitable Eccentric

Drink: Passionfruit Martini with a Champagne chaser

Hangout: Hoxton


Delphine manages our production team, watching over our knickers from design to finished product! 

Style: Rough and ready

Drink: Gin and Tonic with a squeeze of Lime please

Hangout: Arty bars of Camberwell


Our Brand Manager, in charge of wholesale, retail and making sure you are all up to date on the playful gossip, so talk to her on our facebook, twitter and tumblr or email her:

Style: Silent starlet

Drink: Gin 

Hangout: Cabaret clubs


Our Design and Sales Manager.


Amber works on print design, CAD's, creating moodboards and looking at the latest trends!

Style: Black lace and red lipstick

Drink: Disaronno & coke

Hangout: Camden town


Making sure every fabric and trim is perfect and checking your lingerie measures up just right!  

Style: Velvet, lace and peroxide

Drink: Dark and stormy

Hangout: Spitalfields Market


Aleks looks after our logistics, making sure our knickers are where they need to be on time!

Style: Feminine. In love with black.

Drink: Depends what mood I'm in ;)

Hangout: By the river.


The one who does the numbers. She is the practical one and is in charge of keeping us all out of trouble.

Style: Anything from street to Louboutin depending on the event

Drink: Wine of any colour

Hangout: The beach